Sunday, November 18, 2012

Random Post 1

Yesterday I went to baby's r us with my Sister-in-law and my brother, she had to change the baby so we went looking for the bathroom. I looked up to see this sign. I kind of did a chuckle at first and even my brother said why does it have to say mother's room. I thought the same thing and it kind of stuck with me all day.

Media and Ideology

Talking point # 11 by Croteau

This reading I felt was different from others we have read for this class. It was more of a textual reading like more informational then easier reads we have done before. But as much as I didn't enjoy it compared to past readings I think it was good.

Although it wasn't as entertaining as readings like "Cinderella ate my daughter" it still had some examples that were relevant and some people could relate to. It brought up music from like heavy metal to even rap. The Marshall Mathers albumn that was mentioned I could relate to because I have heard it plenty of times. I think although music doesn't show pictures like television unless you know someone sees the video it still has a huge impact on society. I myself catch me singing things sometimes and after like fifth time singing it I finally realize what I am saying.

As useful as media can be it can also be bad in a sense. One has to know how to keep an eye out and how to really read certain message put out in the world. Ideology can be heavily impacted on today's media.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election Post

This year's election was interesting and where I watched it was too. So I had the day off and was planning on watching it at home with my family but I was called into work and was really needed so I said I would go. Luckily we have a tv there and our manager turned on the tv and let us all watch together. Now I work in a fast food place so it was interesting having all these customers come in and voice their opinions too as they would watch with us too while waiting on their food.

It was pretty funny experience because you would have people yelling and chanting in the dining room and coming through the drive-thru. Then when the electoral votes became closer when Obama finally got California I remembered the tv lost signal. Me and all my co-workers began screaming asking what happened to the tv. We finally got it back to running it was something with the cord and we seen that Obama was already at the 270 mark on electoral votes.

I must say this was my first time being very into the election and feeling a part of it so it was fairly new to me. But I knew who I wanted to win and I had actual reasons not like in the past when I would just talk without knowing. Seeing Obama reelected mad everyone in my job and me so relieved and happy. It was a great time watching the election at my job.