Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Talking Point #9 Sex Positivity

I really liked this weeks topic and reading. It was a fun one to read as well as had your mind think a little bit. I really never even knew there was a term called sex positive. Of course I know there is people who are into sex, having sex education, and thinking sex is good but didn't know they were classified as being sex positive. We all know the positives and benefits health wise on having sex but some don't even really believe that not having sex can be bad and good too. White describes this as "Owning our desire." Which I think is a good term for it.

I found her subject on Slut-Shaming very interesting too. I know it can be one of those topics where one can argue back and fourth. But to an extent I agree that some people bring slut-shaming upon themselves. Like when someone takes a nude picture sends it to someone who's not her boyfriend or sometimes it is; then cries when everyone has seen it. I know there can be times where there are certain exceptions but most times it's just poor choices.

The page on Wikipedia was full of great points and information. It did have a lot of factual information. It had a lot on sex positive feminism. And how it came from roots to laws and describing the whole topic. It does a great point on how all feminism aren't lesbians.

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Who knew a 3 letter word (SEX) can be such a huge topic. From the first time hearing it in a sex-ed class laughing about it with your friends to now knowing everything we do.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Talking Point #8 Cinderella Ate My daughter

This blog I choose to do an extended comments on Nancy's blog. I thought this blog was a good one to do an extended comments on for the reasons on really being able to relate to certain peoples blogs. I really liked where she was coming from and could relate almost perfectly with. When I grew up I was never too into the Disney Princesses. I myself grew up with two brothers. I can see where Nancy comes from on not being able to relate to certain princesses for physical differences and I think that's why I never got to attached to them as well.

I love the topic of the princess phase because although I did not undergo it I have witnessed it time and time again. It is so true on how little girls and even some boys trying to be prince charming or even playing with dolls get so caught up in that fantasy. It even goes into are own media like shows such as toddlers and tiaras. Like those innocent toddlers are getting there eye brows wax and nails done that is just so crazy.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Talking point #7 Kimmel

What Are Little Boys Made Of? by Michael Kimmel

This article was actually interesting to me as I started reading. I've never heard of anything like a "boy crisis" or any of this. This was all first time material to me. We live in a country where men are at an advantage as we all seen from the scwamp exercise but yet the boys are in the crisis? I guess now I can see with all the feminist movements and all that around but I still don't see where boys are becoming depressed fits in.

I found an article that I found related perfectly with Kimmel. The article basically talks about the crisis a bit and talks about it coming back. The image I put below made me laugh because in the article it talks about testosterone being a problem. It calls it magical and how it's the reason why boys are so aggressive and risk taking. It's all because of all the attention on feminism they say we have all forgot about boys. In other words it's like putting them on the backburner.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House

Connection from Lorde to Rich

Although Richs article was a lot longer than Lorde's I still found this connection between the two. Even in Lorde's piece she relates to Rich. They both pointed out the struggle of being a lesbian in today's society. I think it was also good how Lorde pointed out that it doesn't even matter if you are educated. It's still a struggle out there on trying to break the cycle. They both have strong stances on wanting to crack this taboo in today's society. I think when Lorde states it's learning how to stand alone is the tool is very powerful. Because it's the truth, many have the fear of standing alone as Rich says. We all have differences between us and instead of using that to make us stronger we take that into a negative manner.

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I just thought it was good back to back readings that really had a good connection between them. It made me keep Rich's article in my mind I even went back to read it to make sure my points were correct. It made the article fresh and made me go deeper into Lorde's piece aswell.

Compulsory heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence

Rich's Article was very deep and had a lot of material in it. At first it had my head spinning. I won't lie I had to read some of my classmates blogs. From what I got from the term compulsory heterosexuality is just a concept but in my eyes in some can argue that it's really not in somewhat of existences. People think that someone should just love one gender or be on sexuality but I think it goes beyond that. It's this crazy ideology like we pointed out in class.

The next term that actually made me chuckle was lesbian existence. The thought of even if you were a woman and liked another one's intellectual thoughts it made you a lesbian. Lesbianism is everywhere and I think that's where she was getting at. I picked out this quote from her "Lesbian existence comprises both the breaking of a taboo and the rejection of a compulsory way of life." I liked this quote a lot as well as many others. The use of the taboo is great because it's like someone doesn't want to break through on wanting to be non heterosexual. It puts a force on everyone to be and like certain people. 

Question/Comments/Points to share

Even after reading the article which I read over multiple times I was still a bit confused. I felt like I was off even though I felt I was right about it. My only question which is one that could only be answered by Rich herself was "Why did the article have to be so filled?" I felt like it could have been a lot easier to  read to get to the points she wanted to make.