Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Talking Point #9 Sex Positivity

I really liked this weeks topic and reading. It was a fun one to read as well as had your mind think a little bit. I really never even knew there was a term called sex positive. Of course I know there is people who are into sex, having sex education, and thinking sex is good but didn't know they were classified as being sex positive. We all know the positives and benefits health wise on having sex but some don't even really believe that not having sex can be bad and good too. White describes this as "Owning our desire." Which I think is a good term for it.

I found her subject on Slut-Shaming very interesting too. I know it can be one of those topics where one can argue back and fourth. But to an extent I agree that some people bring slut-shaming upon themselves. Like when someone takes a nude picture sends it to someone who's not her boyfriend or sometimes it is; then cries when everyone has seen it. I know there can be times where there are certain exceptions but most times it's just poor choices.

The page on Wikipedia was full of great points and information. It did have a lot of factual information. It had a lot on sex positive feminism. And how it came from roots to laws and describing the whole topic. It does a great point on how all feminism aren't lesbians.

Comments/ Questions/ Points to Share ??
Who knew a 3 letter word (SEX) can be such a huge topic. From the first time hearing it in a sex-ed class laughing about it with your friends to now knowing everything we do.


  1. I agree with you that some people bring it upon themselves...but i guess that means we would be judging (someone sending pictures) that persons sexuality. Which is what these articles are trying to explain to us to avoid.

    maybe rather then slut shaming a person for doing that....we can just complain about the carelessness, thoughtlessness, and stupidity of people rather than their sluttiness for doing that. lol.

  2. Wait, I'm not sure if I misread the second paragraph about slut-shaming? What White was saying was that even if someone takes a picture of themselves and people see it, that it's not a good thing to call them sluts because - basically - that's none of your business seeing as though it was her choice to do so in the first place. Slut-shaming = bad and always negative.

  3. I think "owning our desire" has a lot to do with consent and rape. A person can be completely turned on, and sometimes those feelings can be hard to ignore and to deal with, but it's not okay to force sex on someone else for that reason. Incessantly asking for sex over and over is still a means of forcing someone. I think "owning our desire" means acknowledging that sexual feelings are there, but knowing what to do with them when the time is right, and understanding where one can go wrong. Also, not as many people know about the benefits of sex as you may think. A friend of mine is a "goddess" for Athena's (a sex toy store), and hosts educational events for those interested in learning more about sex, toys, etc. She was amazed by how few middle-aged women actually knew what their vaginas looked like, and what their clitoris was. I think we really need to do a better job of educating people on sex in general.

  4. True yes not all feminism aren't lesbians, and whoever started that saying is an idiot