Saturday, December 8, 2012

Event #2

1) Describe the event:
My second event was I went to a kids fashion show and let me tell you that before this class I probably would have thought it was all cute and fine. I have a goddaughter who just turned 8 and she is a twin so they invited me to their fashion show their daycare was having. So I said to myself why not I will go for support.
            I knew right off the back it would be interesting to attend because my goddaughter and her twin are nothing alike. Her twin is a girly girl always dressing wearing dresses and the whole nine yards while my goddaughter refuses to even wear her hair down at all. So, I was curious and said to myself I needed to go see this.
            Just as I thought all the little girls were in dresses and make up. Not one little girl had jeans on or anything other than a dress. Maybe before this class I would have been fine and thought not one thing was wrong with this. It made me even think of that show on TLC called “Toddlers and Tiaras.” I thought for sure my goddaughter wouldn’t wear a dress because she is not into that kind of stuff.
            I was proven wrong when she asked her mom where her dress was. I even told her I was surprised she was going to wear one. Her response was that little girls when dressing up need to be in dresses and make up. That lead me to think of an article we read in class right away.
2) Connections to readings:
            When my goddaughter said that I automatically thought of the Media and Ideology piece by Croteau. The media puts all these crazy images in little kid’s heads at such a young age. It almost shapes their lives for them telling them how they have to be.  They have this embedded in their head and want to live by the media’s “rules.”
            It also made me think of “Cinderella Ate My Daughter.” Like the media and ideology piece it makes kids think a certain way. At such a young age almost no child even challenges society. They go by what they see and who blames them.
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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Event #1

1) Describe the event:
For my first social justice event I went to the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s “Flames of Hope” water fire. I thought it was so awesome and a great experience. I mean I have been to water fires before and some may ask what the difference between this one was. I just think the atmosphere was different and everyone was there for the cause that made it different.
The cause for the water fire is obviously to help raise money and along with awareness. Before this course I probably wouldn’t be able to make the connection as to why something like breast cancer can be revolved around feminism.  With the small knowledge I knew before I would probably just say that it’s because it has to do with females. Now I have been able to grasp the idea that it is a feminist issue because feminism isn’t just about dealing with things and problems dealing with women. It is more than just the linkage between women and feminism. In this case even men can get breast cancer.
To me breast cancer is a feminist issue because when we talk about the medical attention these people all need and things in that nature they all just want to be looked as like equals. I am glad I wrote up this blog post after the Medical Marijuana group yesterday because that ties into my post. They are cases and issues in the world that are reflected on people who suffer, suffered, or know someone who has been affected by breast cancer.
2) Connections to readings:
One reading this made me think of right away was “What Are Little Boys Made of?” by Michael Kimmel. It made me think of this reading for a couple of reasons. For one it is because even though men can get breast cancer it is always more known for women. So like Kimmel wrote that boys are put on the back burner it just made me make that connection. Because a man can say oh well women have the whole month of October in their name where is our recognition?
What it also made me think of though was that even during the month of October known as the “breast cancer awareness month” professional athletes wear and support the cause by wearing pink things such as shoe laces, cleats, headbands, gloves and so on. That just shows that it is spreading awareness out to everyone.
3) Pictures and links

Talking point #12

"Interrupting the Cycle of Oppression" by Ayvazian

I believe the author Ayvazian main argument which is obvious right by the tittle is trying to stop and break this oppression in the world. Oppression is just something that will always be there and keeps coming back so I think that's why she says it using the word cycle. She also states that we as a whole need to be able to stop or at least crack this. Although it's not an easy concept she says it would be a lot easier with having allies.

I agree with her on that because anything in life is easier with having allies on your side. Being able to back you up and even comfort you in some way. Even with being an ally doesn't have to necessarily mean you of the same group of that person you are allying with.