Saturday, December 8, 2012

Event #2

1) Describe the event:
My second event was I went to a kids fashion show and let me tell you that before this class I probably would have thought it was all cute and fine. I have a goddaughter who just turned 8 and she is a twin so they invited me to their fashion show their daycare was having. So I said to myself why not I will go for support.
            I knew right off the back it would be interesting to attend because my goddaughter and her twin are nothing alike. Her twin is a girly girl always dressing wearing dresses and the whole nine yards while my goddaughter refuses to even wear her hair down at all. So, I was curious and said to myself I needed to go see this.
            Just as I thought all the little girls were in dresses and make up. Not one little girl had jeans on or anything other than a dress. Maybe before this class I would have been fine and thought not one thing was wrong with this. It made me even think of that show on TLC called “Toddlers and Tiaras.” I thought for sure my goddaughter wouldn’t wear a dress because she is not into that kind of stuff.
            I was proven wrong when she asked her mom where her dress was. I even told her I was surprised she was going to wear one. Her response was that little girls when dressing up need to be in dresses and make up. That lead me to think of an article we read in class right away.
2) Connections to readings:
            When my goddaughter said that I automatically thought of the Media and Ideology piece by Croteau. The media puts all these crazy images in little kid’s heads at such a young age. It almost shapes their lives for them telling them how they have to be.  They have this embedded in their head and want to live by the media’s “rules.”
            It also made me think of “Cinderella Ate My Daughter.” Like the media and ideology piece it makes kids think a certain way. At such a young age almost no child even challenges society. They go by what they see and who blames them.
3) Pictures

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