Monday, September 3, 2012

Talking point #1


"Fear of Feminism" By : Lisa Hogeland

1)  "Once you have your "click!" moment, the world shifts, and it shifts in some terrifying ways."
     I picked this quote out for a couple of reasons. I thought it was a very clever way to describe when someone actually notices the real world problems for feminism. That click maybe completely different from person to person. It can be anything from a situation or discussion or maybe even a film you have watched. In one point in our lives we all for the most part have this realization that we live in a life of woman inequalities. I believe the quote ends in "some terrifying ways" because when you get into depth on feminism and other topics surrounding it you really maybe in shock on how bad this situations are. Also terrifying ways maybe because of you become to talk or even out your self as a feminist some feel that is a risky thing to do.

"A Tsunami in History" By: Rowe-Finkbeiner

2) "The vote didn't come easily."
    Some may say why out of every sentence or good points in the article did I choose this one but that is very simple to answer. I thought this quote although being very short had such deep meaning behind it. Others and even myself before that film in class and don't truly understand the struggle women went through to get the rights we have today like the right to vote. People say yes it was a process to get it and women fought for it but it was much more than that. Even just thinking about all the years it toke and time spent on getting women the right to vote is crazy. And that is way I choose this quote because it came with great meaning behind it.

3) "Yet women still face social and economic inequities each day; the glass ceiling has only cracked, not broken; and there is a persistent wage gap between women and men, and an even larger wage gap between mothers and non-mothers, with single mothers taking the largest wage hits of them all."
    Lastly, I picked this quote out because even though we live in a time known as the third wave does not mean we are living in a perfect life. We are no where near reaching the goals that these women have fought for over the years. There are still a ton of women inequalities. The quote is great yes we have "cracked" the glass but we still have more to do before we can say the glass is broken. And the quote to bring up the wage gaps between the two genders is great because it does show proof that we have not solved all issues.

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